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Give the Gift of Referrals

To express our gratitude for your support and to encourage you to spread the word about your positive experience, we're excited to introduce our referral program.

  • Refer a Friend, Earn Rewards: When you refer someone to us who ends up entering our Rent2Own Program, we'll thank you with a referral fee* as our way of saying thank you for your trust and advocacy.
  • Easy Referral Process: Simply complete and submit the referral form below via email prior to the signing of the purchase agreement. Once your referral becomes a Rent2Own Tenant, you'll receive your reward.
  • Spread the Love: Share your love of your experience with friends, family, and colleagues. Let them know why you love where you live, and we'll reward you for it!

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Luxor Homes Referral Program

Tell us about the person you're referring! Provide their name, email address, and any additional details that will help us reach out to them.